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ii900/ii910 upgrade procedure.

Upgrade instruction Fluke ii900


  • Turn off ii900
  • Assure battery is 25% charged or more
  • Use the provided USB-C cable to connect ii900 to the PC
  • Turn ii900 on
  • A new device is added to the list of drives and device on your PC Windows Explorer, named “friendly” or “Fluke Industrial Imager” (older versions of FW) or FLK-ii900 in latest version.
  • Delete any .SWU files (der firmware updates) that may be on the root folder of ii900.
  • Copy the new firmware update .SWU file from the PC to the root folder (User Data) of ii900.
  • A popup message will show up on ii900 display that informs a firmware update is found. After copy, the USB cable can be removed
  • Tap Yes to confirm and start the firmware update (it takes about 2-3 min)
  • A popup message shows to request you to restart ii900.
  • Touch on “OK” to restart. ii900 will turn off and then on
  • ii900 will restart with black screen, wait for 15 seconds until screen is on. Camera may take a bit longer to start up the 1st time after a FW update.
  • Turn unit off and on a 2nd time


Note: if updating from older versions, in some occasions, touch screen may not respond after a FW update. In those cases, hold power button pressed for 10 seconds or remove battery to complete the 2nd reboot.


Note that it may take more than 10 seconds after pressing the on button before the unit turns on.

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