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Fluke-1732, Fluke-1734, Fluke-1736, Fluke-1738 How to Manually install Fluke-173X USB driver.

The purpose of this article is to give step by step instructions on how to manually install the USB driver for the Fluke-1732, Fluke-1734, Fluke-1736 and Fluke-1738.

Click the the attachment named F173X USB, download it and then Extract the files to a location such as Desktop and create a file folder named 173X USB Driver. 

Turn on the Fluke meter and plug the USB cable into meter and other end into PC USB port.

Go into the computers Device Manager to see how it shows up, typically if the USB driver does not install automatically it will show up in the Other Device directory with a question mark or exclamation point. See below example. 


Right click on the item in the Other devices directory USB Serial Port and select properties.

Right click on the driver tab and select Update Driver, select Browse my computer and point the browser to the extract files. I suggested to your desktop in a file folder named 173X USB Driver. Point the browser window to that location and update. After the update the Fluke meter change locations in the Device Manger to the Network Adapters as Remote NDIS Compatible Device. See example below.


The Fluke meter should now show up in the Energy Analyze Plus software under the Download Data tab.

See example below.



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