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Fluke-1750 how to determine if it's working correctly

The purpose of this article is to review when the Fluke-1750 is powering up correctly or if it’s locked up and needs to be sent into Fluke Service for repair.

When you plug the power cord into the Fluke-1750 from an energized outlet the LED light will be solid Green for 1 minute and then start flashing Green and Orange which means the Fluke-1750 has finished the booting up process and starts recording data.

If the LED stays Green past the 1-minute mark it means the Fluke-1750 is locked up and is not working properly.

If you unplug the power cord from the Fluke-1750 the LED should flash Red for 10 minutes and then go off, if it stays on longer than 10 minutes or turns off immediately it means the Fluke-1750 internal timer is defective, and you should sent the unit in for repair.

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