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Fluke-1735 Possible issues related to connecting to PC Article 1 of 3

This article reviews one possible issue connecting a Fluke-1735 to PC using Power Log software. Review Article 2 and 3 for other possible issues. 


Check to make sure the 1735 has data in memory. If memory is empty the Fluke-1735 will not communicate with Power Log software.

Steps to verify data has been collected in memory. 1. Turn on Fluke-1735 to Power position. 2. Push Menu button 3. Select View Auto Screens 4. You will see 1 thru 10 if all of them are labeled Empty you do not have any data in memory. If you have something listed such as Volts/Amps/ Hertz, Power or Harmonics with date and time next to at least one of the locations. Highlight one and push Enter, you should see a graph line on the screen indicating you have data to download. 



Step 3. 


Step 4.



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