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Fluke-1735 Possible issues related to connecting to PC Article 3 of 3

The purpose of this article is to review the communication port on the back of the Fluke-1735 and how to manage the port when connecting to a computer.

Over the life of the Fluke-1735 there have been two communication ports on the back of it, the first was the RS232 9 pin serial port and then we changed it to a Mini USB port.

RS232 9 pin serial port: If it's a 9 pin port, you will probably be using a 9 pin to USB adapter (the industry has quite a few different manufactures of the USB adapters and you need to use the proper driver for each manufacture), the web is a good tool to find the driver just type the model number of the adapter and USB driver and you should be able to find it. You need to verify the driver is installed or not for the USB adapter (use the Device Manger), the item will show up in the Ports (Com & LTP) directory when installed with a COM number assigned. You will use that COM number when using the Power Log program in the drop down menu. Another note is make sure the latest version of the driver is installed if you have problems, (go back to the Device Manager in the Ports directory for find the date) the date of the driver less then 2 years old is ideal. The Fluke-1735 comes with a straight thru 9 pin serial cable and you can plug that into the Fluke-1735 serial port and then plug the adapter into the other end of the serial cable. or if the adapter has a cable long enough you can use the adapter without the 9 pin serial cable. Fluke did ship a USB adapter for a short time and the adapter manufacture was ATEN the model number was UC232A and that item is still available today just search the internet for suppliers if you don't have one and the driver is on ATEN website. 

Mini USB port: The Mini USB port requires you install the USB driver independent from the Power Log software program. The USB driver is attached below go ahead and install that driver before you plug the USB cable into your computer. 

Once the USB driver is installed launch the Power Log software program, look for the drop down menu and click on the arrow (top left hand corner of Power Log software) you will see Fluke 1735 go ahead and select it. You are now ready to download data by clicking on the blue arrow just to the right of Fluke 1735. 



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