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PTi120 Battery Care

The PTi120 battery can not be user replaced.

PTi120 can be sent to Fluke Service for battery replacement.


Before you use the Product for the first time, charge the battery for a minimum of 1.5 hours.


To prevent damage, do not expose Product to heat sources or high-temperature
environments such as an unattended vehicle in the sun.


To get the best performance from the lithium-ion battery:
• Do not charge the Product for more than 24 hours as reduced battery life may result.
• Charge the Product for at least 1.5 hours every six-months for maximum battery life. Without use,
the battery will self-discharge in approximately six months.


To prevent damage to the Product:
• Always operate in the specified temperature range.
• Do not attempt to charge the batteries in extreme cold environments.
• Do not use a USB charger that supplies >5 V (±5%)

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