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AT-8020 Product Resources

This article is to provide easy access to online resources for the Amprobe AT-8020 Advanced Wire Tracer. Below you will find links to useful resources for the AT-8020.



The AT-8020 is used to trace wires in walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as assisting in locating fuses and breakers. 

Quick Start Guide

AT-8020 Quick Start Guide


AT-8020 Manual


The AT-8020 may be used with the Amprobe TIC 410A Hot Stick

TIC-410A Hot Stick

Helpful Videos

Amprobe AT-8000 Series Advanced Industrial Wire Tracer Overview

How to Trace Wires with the AT-8000 Advanced Industrial Wire Tracer

How to Locate Breakers with the AT-8000 Advanced Industrial Wire Tracer

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