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Fluke 787B Display Shows "_____" When in mA Source or Simulate Mode

If your Fluke 787B shows "----" on the screen when sourcing or simulation current, this indicates that's there is an open loop. Possible causes include:

  • An open fuse in the 787B
  • Test leads in the wrong jacks on the 787B
  • Open test leads

If the meter is able to provide a steady mA output, the problem is in the loop under test. You can check to see if the problem is the Fluke 787B by placing the test leads in the two left-hand jacks on the Fluke 787B, selecting the mA output function , and shorting the leads together. If the display still shows "----", check the fuses and test leads for continuity and replace them if necessary. If the 787B still fails to show a steady mA output, it may need repair. 

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